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Product Tour

He try to use every traditional mixer machine, but its couldn’t mix heavy iron powders and light carbon powders very well:

1. Every traditional mixer machine have using more than 50 years, there are not new innovation mixer machine come out.

2.Every traditional mixing machine have its’ design defect, the uniformity is not good.

This principle make the vessel running, and the powders is mixed by gravity diffusion without dead angle

In the same time, the inside blade is two times faster running than the outside vessel. It forced mix the powder and make higher efficient mixing

Created by himself

Has national invention patent

Combine two mixing principle

Improve the mixing uniformity and mixing efficiency


Gravity Diffusion Type Mixing

Repeatedly raise the center of gravity of the powder, use the power of gravity to force the powder flow, diffuse, hedge, so as to achieve the purpose of uniformity.

Representative Mixers:
V-type mixer3D mixer

Advantages:Macro-uniformity,no dead corners.

Disadvantages:Micro-uniformity is not good.

Forced shear mixing

Using blades to shear powders repeated.Microscopic powders are fully displaced,thus achieve the purpose of uniformity.

Representative Mixer:
Ribbon mixer

Advantages:High efficiency,Micro-uniformity.

Disadvantages:Dead corners in the mixing barrel,Overall diffusion is slow.

Double movement mixing is:

Forced shearing mixing on the basis of gravity diffusion mixing.

Use gravity diffusion mixing and forced shearing mixing at the same time,thus achieve the purpose of high uniformity and high efficiency.

Advantages:Macro-uniformity and Micro-uniformity,high efficiency,less energy consumption etc.


Maintenance and Repair of 3D mixer Power System

Maintenance and Repair of 3D Hybrid Power System1, three-dimensional mixer reducer, such as regular use, to be

The new three-dimensional medi

For a long time, all aspects of people& 39;s livelihood that the pharmaceutical industry has been involved in are

The important factor in

Powder density (specific gravity) play a very important role in the powder mixture, the smaller the powder mixed powder density differences, the easier it is ...

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